A Powerful Tool for tracking badge progress

An advantage of joining our scout group

With various requirements and badges under progress at any given time for our youth, there may be a chance that a fulfilled requirement be missed or fogotten. Worry not, with Scoutstracker, this concern can be laid to rest. Scoutstracker is a powerful web-based tool used by scouters and accessible to parents to keep tabs on their youth’s developmental progress through the scouts program. The 33rd Richmond Scout Group has paid for subscription to this powerful tool and access to our participants and parents is FREE. Please click on the different sections below to access the corresponding ScoutsTracker page. Further, read about how to access and register to use Scoutstracker.

Scoutstracker Log-in (By Section)

First Time Log-in Guide

To help any one access ScoutsTracker for the first time, please click on the ScoutsTracker icon to view our set-up guide to get started. The guide contains an overview of the functions that are available through this powerful tool.