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Venturer Scouts is an opportunity for youth to explore their potential and ambition in an inclusive environment, forging friendships with others who share their passion to “Climb Higher”.

Opening the door to exciting, real-life, hands-on experiences and outdoor adventures, Venturer Scouts learn to nurture an active and healthy lifestyle.

Developing life skills to climb the mountain of their goals and reach their personal summit, Venturers aged 15-17 embark on greater expeditions and acquire real-world experiences that prepare them for future success.

Venturers volunteer in the scout group by serving as Scouter-In-Training. This is a great opportunity for Venturers to demonstrate leadership skills and give back to the community.

Event Hightlights

Duke of Edinburgh Expedition

The Duke of Edinburgh Award is a multi-stage award commending participants for their efforts in self improvement, with focus on physical activity, volunteering and personal skills. The final objective of the award is to complete two outdoor journeys. In October 2019 the Venturer Company went on a hiking camp to complete this step. For this camp, we went out to Campbell Valley Regional Park and completed a day of hiking until we reached our campsite at Camp Mclean. We practiced key skills such as orienteering and campfire building, and learned new skills like how to purify water and how to secure food on a tree. We also spent time on recreational activity together to learn valuable skills while having fun. – Janson Chu (Venture Vice President 2020) 

Nite Hike (Pacific Spirit Park)

Nite Hike is an annual overnight hike from 6pm to 6am with activity stations through the woods. It is open to all Scouts Canada groups. Each participating group is responsible for setting up an activity station along the route, where teams can earn points. It is a competition between all the scout groups to see which team can earn the most points. The activities are designed to be skill and teamwork testing, as well as fun. Each year, there is a new theme for Nite Hike that the stations try to base their activities off of to keep it fresh. In the past, there have been themes such as “Nite Hike Goes to the Zoo,” and “Under the Sea.” The hike is generally held in the Pacific Spirit Park near UBC.

While the Cubs and Scouts hike, our Venture company helps set up a station each year, and in the past we’ve done activities like a blindfolded obstacle course and a speed charades game. This is a great bonding experience for our ventures as we get to spend the night cooking food, playing card games together, and just generally hanging out and having fun. In addition, it is a great way for newer ventures to learn valuable skills, such as learning how to set up the vestibule that goes over our station or to develop their cooking skills. It also helps Ventures to develop leadership skills and get used to giving instructions, as we rotate through everyone and give everyone a chance at leading a group that comes by to do the activities. Overall, Nite Hike is not only a fun activity but also one that lets Ventures develop crucial skills.   – Kalman Jong (Venture Scout 2020)

Venturers- Nite Hike 2014

Venturer Bonding Activity- Nu Zone

The Venturers went to NuZone Laser Tag for a joint event with 32nd Richmond Ventures. The activity allowed strategy thinking as well as patience as this game required stealth and teamwork. The matches let the venturers interact with their friends. They had a terrific time bonding with each other whiling working as a team to eliminate the opponent. Everyone enjoyed the fun activity and made new friends. 

Venturers- Nu Zone

Venturer Scout Program

Outdoor Adventure Skills (OAS)

The Outdoor Adventure Skills (OAS) is a core component of Scouts Canada’s youth program. It is important to allow youth to develop outdoor skills which enables them to acquire streams of skills to equip themselves to eventually create their own unique outdoor experiences as they grow up. This program is linear throughout the youth program (Beavers through to Rovers) and is separated into 9 different streams and 9 stages each for a total of 81 stages. You can read more about OAS component here.

King's Venturer Award (KVA)

The King’s Venturer Award is the top award of the venturer section. and it is comprised of three major components:

  • Outdoor Adventure Skills (OAS)
  • Community Service
  • Meaningful Project

Venturer scouts can complete the OAS requirements throughout their years in the venturer section and at their last year (summit), venturer scouts can complete the community service and meaningful project components. You can read more about the King’s Venturer award requirements or top section awards here.

Duke of Edinburgh's Award

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is a non-competitive, internationally recognized program designed to encourage young people to develop positive skills and lifestyle habits.

The Award is about personal challenge and development and is adaptable according to each participant’s interests and abilities. The strength of the Award is our ability to readily partner with other youth organizations through leader development and resource sharing.

The Award concept is one of individual challenge. It presents young people a balanced, not-competitive program of voluntary activities which encourages personal discovery and growth, self-reliance, perseverance, responsibility to themselves and service to their community.

The unique flexibility of the Award makes it ideally suited to easy adaptation and integration into different cultures and societies. The basic principles of the Award remain the same but the activities and delivery continue to evolve and adapt to suit the changing demands of modern society and the varying needs of young people. The Award is now an international program recognized and used by organizations working with young people throughout the world.

To learn more about The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award and the requirements click here

Uniform Placement Guide

Below is a general guide for badge placement on the uniform. Please sew the badges on the uniform and keep in mind that OAS badges will have to be replaced as youths move to the next stage.

If you are joining scouting for the first time or moving up to a new section, please purchase the shirt at the scout shop. Our group will present the crests and neckerchief at the investiture ceremony.

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