About Our Sponsor

The proud sponsor of the 33rd Richmond Scouts Group is The Buddha’s Light International Association, Vancouver chapter. The Buddha’s Light International Association (BLIA) was established on May 16th, 1992 in order to push forward the mission of  Venerable Master Hsing Yun to create a better world through providing community service and education to our society. To read more about BLIA’s history and about Venerable Master Hsing Yun click here.

BLIA achieves its goal of educating youth through the work of its two subordinating organizations, The Buddha’s Light Young Adult Division (YAD), and, The Buddha’s Light Scouts.Of which, the Buddha’s Light Scouts is an international association of scouts group established on August 21, 2000 to guide youth in their growth under the scouting principles.

The 33rd Richmond Scouts group is a part of the Buddha’s Light Scouts and our program is an extension of the typical scouts program with further emphasis on buddhist values of the Three Goods (Speak Good Words, Do Good Deeds, Think Good Thoughts).

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