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Welcome to the 33 rd Richmond Troop Scout section! The Scout section consists of youth Scouts aged 11 to 14, lead by a group of passionate Scouters and Scouters-in-Training. The Scout section program not only teaches Scouts outdoor skills, but it also provides Scouts the platform to further develop their leadership, teamwork, and communication skills.
Scouting is much about personal development as it is about outdoor skill development. The Scout section program allows Scouts the opportunity to grow in multiple areas, to become well-rounded individuals, and to ultimately succeed in the world.

Event Hightlights

Annual Competition Camp @ Camp McLean

Each year our Scout Troop participates in a competition camp hosted by alternating Scout groups across the Lower Mainland. Various groups from the Richmond, East Vancouver, Pacific Spirit, and Burnaby areas participate in a 3 day 2 night camp where Scouts are tested on a variety of scouting skills that they’ve developed throughout the years, competing in areas such as pioneering, cooking, knots, gadget making, and first aid. Not only are their fundamental scouting skills tested, but their ability to work together as a team, communicate effectively, and display great leadership is also tested as the Scouts go through the various stages of the competition without any help from the Scouters.  This camp allows the senior Scouts to further develop their leadership skills and allows the junior Scouts to practice their basic scouting skills. It is a great way for Scouts to test their knowledge while at the same time show camaraderie between one another. 

Snowshoeing @ Mt. Seymour

With the variety of seasons we get to experience here in B.C., we have to take advantage of the snow in the winter! Our Scout Troop took on the challenge of snowshoeing at Mt. Seymour. For some Scouts, they were already well experienced in this activity; for many others, this was their first time. During this outing, the Scouts learned the skills involved with winter camping and winter activities, from snowshoeing to outdoor winter cooking. They not only fulfilled many of the requirements for the Outdoor Adventure Skill – Winter Skills, but more importantly they embarked on an outdoor adventure in the snow with joy. The Scouts displayed great teamwork and courage to endure this 6 hour event, laughing and encouraging each other throughout. We hope to explore and experience other outdoor activities in the snow next year.

Canadian Jamboree @ Camp Nedooae, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Similar to the Olympics, Scouts Canada hosts the Canadian Jamboree once every 4 years where Scouts are invited from all over Canada and the world to attend a massive week long camp. Our Scout Troop attended the Canadian Jamboree in Halifax, Nova Scotia in July of 2017 alongside 6000 other Scouts. There, our Scouts participated in different activities every day, including rafting, biking, leather working, and cooking. We even got to explore downtown Halifax and one of Halifax’s beautiful beaches. The Scouts not only developed deeper friendships with one another, but also met other Scouts from different parts of Canada and the world and were able to chat, trade badges, and create lifelong friendships. For everyone that attended, it was definitely an experience we will never forget! We look forward to the next Canadian Jamboree happening in 2021! 

Scout Program

Personal Achievement Badges (PAB)

Personal Achievement Badges (PAB) are a set of 16 section-specific badges at the Beaver, Cub, and, Scout sections. These badges are designed based on interest areas of youth at their age group and the end goal is for youth to develop their self-interest and individuality. Progress for these badges should primarily be self-driven by the youth under the “Plan-Do-Review” framework and is mostly done outside of the regular scouting session. Our scouters are trained to help guide youths through this process. Parents and guardians are encouraged to take a part in helping their youth develop their interests. You can read more about the PAB component here.

Chief Scout's Award

The Chief Scout’s Award is the top award of the scout section. and it is comprised of three major components:

  • Outdoor Adventure Skills (OAS)
  • Community Service
  • Meaningful Project

Scouts can complete the OAS requirements throughout their years in the scout section and at their last year (trailblazer), scouts can complete the community service and meaningful project components. You can read more about the Chief Scout’s  award requirements or top section awards here.

Outdoor Adventure Skills

The Outdoor Adventure Skills (OAS) is a core component of Scouts Canada’s youth program. It is important to allow youth to develop outdoor skills which enables them to acquire streams of skills to equip themselves to eventually create their own unique outdoor experiences as they grow up. This program is linear throughout the youth program (Beavers through to Rovers) and is separated into 9 different streams and 9 stages each for a total of 81 stages. You can read more about OAS component here.

Uniform Placement Guide

Below is a general guide for badge placement on the uniform. Please sew the badges on the uniform and keep in mind that OAS badges will have to be replaced as youths move to the next stage.

If you are joining scouting for the first time or moving up to a new section, please purchase the shirt at the scout shop. Our group will present the crests and neckerchief at the investiture ceremony.

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ℹ Please note: Scout Shops across Canada are now permanently closed
If you are interested in making a group purchase with other parents or with the group, please connect with your section scouter.